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ncineration of straw on the PM2.5 "contribution" great, for a different approach, not only does not pollute the environment, but also energy-saving emission reduction. Heilongjiang Xinda Enterprise Group R & D "straw plastic", with straw, corn cob, melon seeds skin into powder instead of mineral powder, can make the same volume of plastic weight loss of 20%, this "straw plastic" made of car interior , A few days ago already in a well-known brand car manufacturer test equipment.
After each harvest, a lot of straw left in the field, burning is the most convenient way to deal with. Although the government has introduced measures to control straw burning every year, the phenomenon of straw burning in reality is still repeated. The reason, or because straw is useless. Therefore, how to make effective use of straw to produce economic benefits is the fundamental solution to the straw burning. Xinda Group research and development of straw powder filled polypropylene composite material, just solved this problem.

Cui Chengjie, director of product research and development center of Heilongjiang Xinda Enterprise Group Co., Ltd., told the reporter that polypropylene composite material is an ideal material for automobile interiors and exterior parts and has been widely used in front-end components, dashboard support, battery chassis and luggage rack , Brakes and clutch components.
Polypropylene composite material generally consists of polypropylene components and filler components, if the ratio of egg fried rice, polypropylene is "rice", the filler is "egg." Traditional fillers are minerals derived from mineral powders, while Xinda replaces mineral powders with straw.
Cui Chengjie said that straw powder filled polypropylene composite materials than the same volume of light 20%. For car manufacturers, you can save costs. For the owner, the body lighter and more fuel-efficient. Currently, the use of straw powder filled polypropylene composite materials made of automotive interior parts such as door handles, fasteners, column boards and other products, has been in a number of auto manufacturers pilot.
At present, China produces more than 700 million tons of straw per year, theoretically 4 tons of straw can be made into one ton of environmentally friendly materials products, if all used to produce straw powder filled polypropylene composites, can save 600 million tons of crude oil, while reducing 380 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions.