2018 New Year's Word | Struggle, for us …

Star move, sea and sky, farewell to 2017, XCMG with unique "one root" spirit, deep plowing the main construction machinery industry, carrying an industry to serve China's heart, pay close attention to the "three high and one big" product strategy and " Do not destroy the gold standards of action, this innovation drives the "root" and "soul" of the first strategy, firmly and persistently leading the Chinese engineering machinery dream catcher, to the global industry "Everest summit" goal of climbing in the process of writing Under the cover of a page.

This year, we strive to forge ahead, promising The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China is held. China is displaying a brand new atmosphere. We set off for a new tomorrow.
When Xi Jinping, general secretary investigated and investigated Xugong, Xugong development and earnestly encouraged us: focus on the world front, and strive to explore a good model of innovation and development, good experience, Xugong Group has a glorious history, there must be a better future. As we enter the new era indicates the direction;
When Wang Min, chairman of the board for four consecutive years as the honorable representative to attend the 19 National Congress, we continue to be motivational first mind, determined to summit; when the Economic Express steady forward, the first three quarters of 78.20% revenue growth over the same period Only good;
When we were closer to the center of the world stage, Xu Gongjin was shining everywhere on the "Belt and Road"; when the "World's First Crane" completed the super engineering hoisting of Ningcong and Hualong No.1 nuclear power plants, the 400-tonne large excavator and the 360-ton electric transmission Dump trucks have been favored by large mining companies such as China Coal and Tibet Dragons. The core components of the 360-ton excavator hydraulic cylinder replace the Japanese company's batch equipment, Australia's Rio Tinto, and the "Made in China" swept the world …